Summer Weddings by Flyrobe from Kalki fashion.

Summer Weddings by Flyrobe from Kalki fashion.

Summer weddings are ought to be very hot and sometimes clumsy with a lot of make up and heavy work lehengas or dresses. Well you can find them all on google and pinterest. Here I am talking about the new Fashion Rental company in India which most of you people living in India knows. Flyrobe is a fashion rental company providing numerous styles and designer clothes on rent. If you can’t buy the designer dress you love, you can always rent it. Fashion rent is absolutely very trending because we all want to wear different outfits everyday without making holes in our wallets and look fashionably stylish.

So I rented this burgundy silk gown with sequin work from Flyrobe by Kalki Fashion. Its so beautiful , flowy and proper color on me. I wore this for my cousin sister’s sangeet program. Everyone loved it and I was showered by their lovable comments. Well the wedding was in Heritage castle in Mandawa,Rajasthan.Mandawa is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India. The trivia about this city is that you must have seen this city in movie but you may not know its name. You might have seen this city in movies like PK, Half Girlfriend, Bajrangi Bhaijaan etc.Its is known for its royal Haveli’s which are now made into hotels for all the tourists.

This whole series is shot in Heritage Hotel Haveli to give it more traditional yet super chic look. So if you are searching for summer wedding outfits you can always stop on Flyrobe and rent your favourites because Smart Girls Rent.


Mermaid Fashion

Mermaid Fashion is one of a kind fashion trend which started in recent summers. Mermaid hair colors , make-up , mermaid scales hair-cut and much more to add on. This trend took the internet fashion to a next level.From haute couture designer Kenzo’s recent mermaid fashion designs to Kylie Jenner’s aquatic hair color, we’re currently surrounded by a sea of gorgeous mermaid fashion trends. There’s a timeless appeal to long, flowing hair, gorgeous scale prints, and the shades of aqua, blue, green, and purple we all associate with beautiful mermaids. Whether you’re obsessed with mermaids or just hoping to introduce fluidity into your fashion.

The mesmerizingly pretty looks on the fashion runway are a brighter, dreamier take on the dark and smoky standard.The red lip—yeah, it’s a classic. But this year we’re all about stepping things up. Ombré—and a wearable ombré lip at that, not the extreme made-for-Instagram-only variety. Aqua eyeliners and holographic eye-makeup.

Here I am wearing a long alluring one side off shoulder ruffle arctic blue gown  with handmade mermaid shell crown.What I most love about this dress is that its Neoprene ( my favourite fabric) , because it settles on the body the shape you give to it. The shell crown makes you feel the Disney mermaid princess you already are.The location , I chose to give it more Greek look of the ocean. Well i know its not possible to wear a gown on the beach so??? Everyone loves a mermaid (especially me) — so get your salt spray out and your shell bra on, and head to the beach, because spring is here and it’s time to get nymphy.

Shell crown


Disney Princess X Beauty and the Beast

Every girl in this world once in her life imagines to be a Disney princess . Walt Disney has made us to believe in prince , princess and fairies. Made us to believe in the fantasy world which doesn’t exists in real life but yes it takes our imagination to another level of satisfaction.

I am still stunned and mesmerized whenever I see Disney movies and I am really a big fan of all those movies may it be Cinderella, Snow-White,Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel or Peter Pan etc. So this time on the blog I tried to recreate the look of Beauty and the Beast in a modern way.The princesses are such a high-profile subset of Disney’s stable of characters that they affect everything from the company’s movie slate to entire sections of its theme parks. And perhaps none of the new generation of princesses is as powerful as Belle.

To sum up my look in short , I have designed this dress inspired by the dress of Belle from Beauty and the Beast  and to keep it simple styled it with my medium short hair and subtle make-up.