Disney Princess X Beauty and the Beast

Every girl in this world once in her life imagines to be a Disney princess . Walt Disney has made us to believe in prince , princess and fairies. Made us to believe in the fantasy world which doesn’t exists in real life but yes it takes our imagination to another level of satisfaction.

I am still stunned and mesmerized whenever I see Disney movies and I am really a big fan of all those movies may it be Cinderella, Snow-White,Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel or Peter Pan etc. So this time on the blog I tried to recreate the look of Beauty and the Beast in a modern way.The princesses are such a high-profile subset of Disney’s stable of characters that they affect everything from the company’s movie slate to entire sections of its theme parks. And perhaps none of the new generation of princesses is as powerful as Belle.

To sum up my look in short , I have designed this dress inspired by the dress of Belle from Beauty and the Beast  and to keep it simple styled it with my medium short hair and subtle make-up.


Breathtaking- MANALI – Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is not just another tourist spot in India. Manali is like most wanted destination for  any other college student in recent years. People just don’t want to visit Manali, for its famous tourist spots but for the pure breathing nature.

Surrounded by high peaks in the beautiful green Beas valley, with mountain adventures beckoning from all directions, Manali is a year-round magnet. Backpackers come to hang out in the hippie villages around the main town; adventurers come for trekking, climbing, rafting and skiing; Indian families and honeymooners come for the mountain air and a taste of snow on the 3978m Rohtang  pass. It makes sense to unwind and feed up here for a few days while organising your trip into the mountains.

“Manali is named after the Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu. The name Manali is regarded as the derivative of ‘Manu-Alaya’ which literally means ‘the abode of Manu’. Legend has it that sage Manu stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood had deluged the world.”

I don’t want to write the famous points or an itenerary because you can find them online. Just google it. If I talk about my experience, please take me back to the mountains. Visited manali with my friends in the month of December and Wow  snowclad mountains everywhere and fresh flowing Beas river , everything just breathtaking.From River rafting to Paragliding we did every possible adventure to enjoy our moment.If I talk about food , Maggi has become a must wherever you go in any mountanious region of India.



Love Long Boots

Knee-high boots are used in the fashion world since at least the 1950s. My love for them is never ending ,though I can’t wear them in Mumbai’s climate still I love styling them. Over the next three decades, the popularity of knee-high boots as a fashion item for women waxed and waned.

These type of boots makes you look more tall and flattering.You can find many styles such as multi-colored suede, leather and canvas. Designs and styles changes according to fashion seasons.

Knee-high boots are more flattering on women with longer legs: “The shorter you are, the less leg there is above the top of the boot, when wearing footwear that ends above the knee. A very high heel helps to give the illusion of height, but when there is much more boot visible than leg; the effect is to optically foreshorten you”.

Black is the only common  color which can be found in every girl’s closet and black dress is everyone’s favourite. With every black dress I always try to style something new which makes it look more splendid. Here I am wearing black  body-con slit dress and to make it more exquisite , wore my favourite red suede knee-high boots and to make it more appealing classic red lipstick .

Dress : Forever21

Knee-high boots: Aliexpress.com