So, I got this wonderful opportunity to design and choreograph this fashion show in Ghanshyamdas Saraf College, Malad (w), Mumbai.

As I am a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows , I came up with the idea of EXOTIC BUTTERFLIES theme inspired by pretty angels of VS.

My show showcases a wonderful life journey of a butterfly from its initial stage to its final stage.The lush green caterpillar born from an egg immerses itself into a cocoon and a beautiful butterfly is born fresh and calm.

The caterpillar
Showing off some moves the caterpillar.















New born butterfly born out of the cocoon.
Teenage Butterflies
All the butterflies enjoying

A new born butterfly along with teenage and the adult butterflies enjoying,playing and dancing in the garden very happily.Then two of the adults butterflies fell in love with each other like us, like humans.They walk along ,they dance along and enjoy their lives but like in humans we have evil spirits around us , here comes the devils to vanquish the saga of the lovable two.

With Adult Butterflies
The lovable two

DSC_9064 DSC_9070

The devils enter the world of butterflies and kill them with their dark and negative energies.But they are reborn every moment who else they’ll become and gather the energies of all the butterflies to conquer the devils and finish them completely.

The Devils

DSC_9093 DSC_9090he

After killing the devils with their kindness all the butterflies colorful and cheerful live in their paradise of earth underneath the goodness of their own.


DSC_9121 DSC_9133 DSC_9139


DSC_9152 DSC_9153


The idea of designing Props with Colorful papers, gelatin,foam and spray paints was because of limited budget but yes it has look colorful and grand so we made props huge enough so that , people can see it thoroughly.

All blue, pink, yellow,red,green etc was the basic color palette , I chose for the butterflies costumes to make it look more vibrant and Black color  for devils to show their dark side.

Stay Tuned for the Video to come out.