Cool grays are colors that are noticeably blueish gray, grayish cyan or greenish gray.

Anytime somebody hears the color gray relates it to the 50 shades of grey movie which is totally not related to the color gray instead of Christian Grey’s wardrobe.

Well GRAY you say or GREY both are one and the same.Mostly we find this color in corporates and furnishings.This color is not as dull as it looks , it is used in corporates to make you look formally presentable.

As you see of now it was cliché before but now even vibrant Hues are also worn in corporate sectors and gray’s are used in fashion industry for casual line-ups.

Israeli Fashion Designer Gal Halfon

In more down to earth fashion terms, the collection has a defined palette of denim, cool gray, peach, white and some yellow and black.

This color you will find more in interiors and furnishing businesses as it defines elegance and neutrality.

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In this post I’m wearing is Gray High-low Bodyfit Dress by Lifestyle Stores.

Floral Wedges : Metro Shoes India.