Vintage Affair

Like every girl in the world likes to wear skirts whatever the silhouette maybe, even I love to wear skirts since my childhood.

Whether it may be  A-line,Broomstick,Bubble,Circular,Dirndl,Fishtail,Pencil,Pleated etc.

There numerous types of skirts for every body type.pencil skirt

Body Type

What to Wear

Bottom Heavy Skirts actually flatter this figure more than pants do. Wear tapered skirts like the A-line and stay away from anything that is tight around the bottom.
Curvy Figure Curvy figures can wear anything and are best complimented by tighter skirts that show off the body.
Flat Bottom Flat bottomed women can wear tighter skirts to make their rear appear bigger. Skirts that are scrunched at the waistline also give the appearance of size. Avoid skirts like the A-line or fishtail that will make the bottom look flatter.
Larger Stomach Ladies with larger stomachs can wear tapered skirts that do not have waistbands. Avoid anything that is tight around the waistline.
Non-Curvy Those without curves can create them by selecting skirts that are shorter and fuller. Anything that adds volume to the bottom half of the body will help. Bubble skirts or anything that scrunches up at the waistline will be attractive.
Short Figure Shorter women should not wear skirts that extend past the knees. Slimmer skirts and slightly tapered skirts will give the appearance of height.
Tall Figure Taller women can wear calf length or knee length skirts to help break up long legs and make them look well proportioned.
Top Heavy Top heavy women should wear the same skirts as non-curvy women. They need to add volume to the lower half of the body to create a balanced look.


vintage affair

Named for its shape, long and slim like a pencil, the skirt emerged from World War II Europe. Cut in a straight line from the hip to the hem, the narrow fitting skirt was designed to save precious fabric rations.

Despite its frugal beginnings, nothing says hardworking glamor like the 1940s pencil skirt. Perhaps it’s because for the first time in history, women were expected to go out and work while the men were  fighting.look 2

If you love the pencil skirt, you’ll enjoy the unusual history of this timeless fashion.

In 1908 Wilbur and Orville Wright chose the wife of an associate, Mrs. Berg, to be the first female aeroplane passenger. As chains and propellers whirled and cranked close to her blowing and billowing skirts, the brothers tied a rope above Mrs. Berg’s ankles to avoid disaster.

WWI had a profound effect on fashion. Hobble skirts were quickly jettisoned for practical skirts. Hemlines rose from floor to ankle and then to calf length due to fabric shortages. Trousers, protested as sinful and ugly before the war, became practical for working women.

Shortly after the fighting ended, in 1918, the Suffragettes finally won the vote in the UK. American women won the right to vote in 1920.

vintage look

vintage look 4

vintage look3

In this post I’m wearing pencil skirt with off-shoulder crop by Forever21 and jewelled purse by Esbeda and Stilletos by Metro shoes india.





Leather Story

Well, I am totally against the animal killing and using their leather but yes we get leather today in synthetic form and chemically being made.Synthetic-tanned leather is tanned using aromatic plymers such as the Novolac or Neradol types (syntans, contraction for synthetic tannins). Melamine and other amino-functional resins fall into this category as well, and they provide the filling that modern leathers often require.DSC_0053

When it comes to styling, I like experimenting with my style. It gives more androgynous look when we wear a Black leather jacket, but I paired it with my leather skirt to give it more vulnerable and feminine look.The white turtle neck , I am wearing is a blend of cotton and wool usually worn  for  winters.

As winter is coming to and end , I wanted to post something on winter and what can more good than this. I love leather jackets to the core as it gives you more sleek and stylish look rather it be a brunch look or an evening dinner.


Winter is my favourite season of all because I can layer up with the fall collection and wear leg warmers and long boots making me look more chic and beautiful.


And as black is my favourite color whether it be pitch black, night black or shine black. The leather I am wearing has a fine suede texture which makes it look more elegant and real.DSC_0042


Leather Jacket: Manali Market

Leather Skirt: Forever21

Leather Boots: From Paris

White Turtle neck Tshirt: Delhi, Sarojini Nagar.

Leg Warmers: Lifestyle

P.S. The White turtle neck Tshirt is from My dad’s closet :P.