The sweater is mostly associated with the college culture of the Roaring Twenties and early 1930s, being also popular throughout the 1950s, the 1970s and the 1990s. Cardigans have also regained popularity during the present decade.DSC_0198

Cardigans make the perfect every-season investment.You should invest in the best and comfortable knitted cardigan of the best brand or you find it near yur local stores.One can style cardigan in different ways, if you see it can be styled up with varieties of jackets in your closet and also with collared shirts you have.Nowadays we find cardigans moreover designed like T-shirt with different silhouettes and style lines used in its making.DSC_0155


The most wonderful thing about cardigans is that it goes with every outfit you try to style in winter.It looks more prominent if you style it on shorts with long boots.DSC_0195

Well, I like to style oversize cardigans on myself as it looks more chic and sometimes formal.Most of in men’s styling we see cardigans are used as an formal attire in offices and casuals in schools and colleges.Monochromatic cardigans, in sleeved or vest form, may be viewed as a conservative fashion staple. However, due to youth clothing ideology, striped cardigans sporting vivid colors are also seen on skateboarders. As an item of formal clothing for any gender, it is worn over a button-down dress shirt. A less formal style is a T-shirt underneath.


The cardigan I’m wearing is from United Colors of Benetton.

It is made up of 80% wool+20% cotton to give it more T-shirt kind of look.

The color palette used here is shades of Blue and Black.

It looks more Prominent with knitted style lines used in this with square patchboxes.